Holly, Tina and Laura fundraising for our Grade 6 Photo Project

Holly, Tina and Laura fundraising for our Grade 6 Photo Project


Being a not-for-profit organisation, iKhaya le Themba relies solely on the generosity of others and formal funding applications. We are honoured when others realise the needs of this community and join us in raising funds in order to support the children and families we work with. Every bit counts, so if you would like to help us in this way it would make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

Here are some ideas that people have had:

  • Cake sale – above these ladies raised over 100 euros to go to our Grade 6 photo project
  • Do something you love! Cycle, run, hike, do a triathalon – but raise money for iKhaya while you are at it! 2 iKhaya champions raised over ZAR 30 000 cycling the Cape Argus Cycle Tour
  • Host an event – an auction or exhibition to sell artwork, etc
  • A lady in Ireland had invited her friends to a day at the beach where she had all kind of children’s games ready to be played and friends had to pay per game – all money was donated to iKhaya
  • Somebody had clothes donated to iKhaya instead of birthday presents for herself
  • Get a group of friends to buy ZAR100 worth of food for food parcels for our most needy families
  • Our director challenges us to go “One Day Without Shoes” and then people donate ZAR60 for 1 pair of shoes for each of our children AND they see what it is like to go without shoes! A fun way to challenge your friends or family or even colleagues or other departments! Imagine an office without shoes :)

Sometimes people prefer to find donations of goods, etc so here are a few items on iKhaya’s Wish list:

  • 20 food parcels per month for our most impoverished families – ZAR100/150 each
  • 15 soccer balls for our boys soccer team
  • 6 Laptops for our staff
  • Transport and Outings for 90 children (one per term)
  • Educational toys and children’s books
  • Craft and art tools
  • Soft furniture (Bean Bags, mats and pillows)
  • Filing cabinets
  • Landscape services
  • Painting inside one of our classrooms
  • Technical support for computer room
  • Point and shoot camera
  • Paving between our classrooms


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