Miriam cooks meals twice a week for clinic patients

Local IY angel feeds the sick

At the beginning of 2011, Miriam went to visit the local clinic in Imizamo Yethu. Once again, as she waited for her medication she realised that not only were there many others coming for their medication and treatments, but they were hungry. Moved by the hunger of those around her, and awfully aware of how many were taking their medication without food, she decided to act. Out of her own pocket she began to but groceries and once a week she would cook soup or stew for approximately 50 patients. Starting early in the morning in the kitchens of iKhaya le themba (an after-school care for orphaned and vulnerable children and their families), she would peel, chop and cook meals. Then another lady Janice Loots started bringing some extra vegetables and occasional meat for Miriam’s meals. In 2012, Disa Primary joined Miriam’s quest to feed more hungry and weak patients. They donated a lockable cupboard and give weekly donations of vegetables and non-perishables to help her along. Miriam now feeds 70 patients at the clinic and over 40 meals go with the team who do home visits in Imizamo Yethu – and this happens every week. She has help but still has to put money in from her own (very shallow) pocket. She doesn’t get paid anything for her time, but dreams of the day that her and her one helper will be able to cook every day for the patients who should not be taking medication on an empty stomach! It’s her hard work and passion for her community that keeps Miriam cooking and cooking and cooking – no matter the weather or the depth of her pocket! WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!