Grade 1 & 2 girls dancing with Sanele Krishe

Heritage Day celebrations

On the 20th September 2013, iKhaya le Themba raised it’s collective voice to the nation of South Africa and celebrated our Heritage. A country so rich in diversity of culture, race, language, ethnicity, history, music, dance… and it all came together through the stories told by the children and families of iKhaya.

Each grade shared their stories through song, dance, drama and story telling. It was such a treat to see the most incredible traditional dancing, including gumboot dancing with details of its origin. We heard the songs taught and passed down from generation to generation, and parents and children came together to show the spirit of Ubuntu that forms the foundation of this country, and this continent of Africa.

At iKhaya we are so many different people with different stories, yet when we come together on days like Heritage Day anyone can see that united we are far more than the some of our parts – we are a tapestry of beauty and tradition that speaks of the amazing history of mankind and the powerful God who created us all.

We hope you will join us next year! For more photographs of the day, please take a look at our Heritage Day album on Facebook.