Heritage Day 2013

Heritage Day 2013

iKhaya is in the process of developing our Information Management Systems which enable to do the following:

  1. Ensure that we are constantly moving towards our aim of supporting orphaned & vulnerable children and their families throughout South Africa
  2. Ensure that we are constantly developing our model of care so that it is effective, efficient, sustainable and replicable
  3. Ensure that we can supply adequate feedback to donors and supporters of iKhaya le Themba

The staff at present collect data and evidence of the impact of the work to strengthen and plan to ensure that the organisation stays relevant and meets the needs of the family units, the service providers, the school and the community at large. A data base is regularly updated to assist in recording and collating information. Our hope is to use the tools developed to enable the staff to monitor the work and for researchers to analyse our work and help us to strengthen the programmes.

The following are some of the assessment tools our staff is currently using:

  • Monthly Maths tests, ongoing weekly assessment using Simply Maths workbooks.
  • Regular Phonics/ Grammar/ spelling tests and a variety of reading tests including age-level, grade-level and individual development (through running records). The texts used are fiction and non-fiction.
  • The ‘I can’ child assessment.
  • HIV/AIDS knowledge assessment
  • Ongoing communication with/ assessment by remedial/literacy volunteers
  • The outcomes are aligned with CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements) as the entire Syllabus is CAPS content– based/ compliant and we use supplemental materials from a website called ‘’
  • Registers of children, family information, family visits, material assistance, and referrals
  • Regular meetings with parents – Parent Committee meetings, Parent Meetings and one-on-one
  • Children’s School Reports
  • Good News Reports from iKhaya le Themba
  • iKhaya Activist reports

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