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Parents in our Basic Budgeting Workshop

Parents in our Basic Budgeting Workshop

More than thirty households participate in the Adult education programme that provided the necessary training and educations identified by the parents. Many of the parents (50%) are unemployed and under educated and needs skills to provide for their families and the children. iKhaya le themba is in constant communication regarding the skills training needed and in 2011 the organisation completed a pilot program to up skill the parents and guardians of our children.

This pilot program offered one workshop and 8 follow-on support groups per term. Topics covered in this pilot were identified by parents as needs and include: Adult Literacy, Depression, Parenting Skills and Household financial management. The parents the requested that we expand this program to a full time Parent Centre which could offer holistic support including exercise groups, HIV/AIDS education, healthy cooking classes, food gardening, computer skills and resume writing as well as topics covered in the pilot phase.

Over the last 2 years, the Parent Centre has developed to 4 skills development groups and 3 support groups per quarter including: English Literacy, HIV/AIDS education and support groups, Food Gardening, Depression Support, Personal Vision support, Weekly Computer labs, Worker Readiness Training, a Sewing Group, Budgeting and Finance, Parenting Skills, and an annual Parent-to-Child camp.

Our vision is that the Parent Centre includes a Resource Centre and is utilised by all our parents and carers so that they can improve their ability to care for, holistically support and provide for their children in every aspect of their lives. A healthy family grows healthy and strong children.

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