Camp 2013 at Soetwater

Parent & Child Weekend 4-6 October 2013

Camp 2013 at Soetwater

Camp 2013 at Soetwater

On Friday we took 3 trips to Soetwater Campsite. When the 2nd group had arrived, supper was served. There were no plates and cutlery and no one had told us we had to bring our own. This was not a great start of the weekend but while the caterers worked on a plan we played a game (The Squirrel). It was a lot of fun and after playing it for several times, plates arrived and we could eat. By 9 the last trip had arrived. After the introduction everyone settled down and went to bed.

On Saturday we had several sessions featuring the 5 Love Languages. Neliswa and Sytske (child car worker and children’s pastor respectively) worked with the kids and took a test with them to find out which Love Language is theirs. Mhinti, our community worker, explained the Love Languages to the parents and it was all very well received. In the final session for the day the children presented their Love Language to the parents.

In the afternoon everyone was put to work making Potjiekos. As leaders we tasted and sat at the table of the Potjie we liked best. While the Potjies were cooking everyone was in the braai-room singing and praising God, young and old together.

In the evening we had a talent show and we all dressed up for that purpose. It was fun and great to see mothers and children dancing and singing.

On Sunday we had a church-service where Katherine Morse, iKhaya’s previous Director, was invited to speak to us. She spoke to us about being pulled from the “family of death” into the Family of God. She used lots of tangible examples so young and old could follow the story. At the end we handed out heart stickers while saying to each other: “May the Love of God stick on you.”

In the afternoon we put the parents and children to work again by making them write letters to each other. We laminated the letters so they will last longer. As final session everyone was together and we talked about the highlights of the weekend. At last the letters were handed out and we handed out the devotionals donated by Scripture Union.

We took 3 trips back again and waiting was no punishment at all. The weather was great and we were on the grass waiting, chatting and playing.