Local volunteer helping our children with their English

iKhaya le themba welcomes local and international volunteers to assist with program delivery, community work, fundraising and admin.   Volunteers bring us a wealth of experience and creative energy and our children love their friends from far away!

We welcome short term teams, particularly from within the international Vineyard Church family.  Small teams are welcome to join us in our daily program whilst larger teams are invited to bring a program with them or run a special event.

Hout Bay, as well as the greater Cape Town area, is full of people who are passionate about being a part of the change that this nation needs. iKhaya le themba has numerous local volunteers who offer their time, expertise and love to support the children and families who we care for. Local volunteers have the unique opportunity to build relationships that can be sustained over a significant amount of time, break barriers that have been deeply ingrained and see the impact of their support for years to come.

Accommodation: Hout Bay Backpackers have fantastic rooms for individuals, couples, families and groups. Check out there website fro more details. They know us well and can give you all sorts of great tourist information. PLUS they are only metres away from HoutBay beach and harbour!

All Out Africa is an amazing organisation that connects volunteers with iKhaya le Themba. They have specially designed packages, a great support team and years of experience that make them an ideal coordinators of volunteers for us. Ashley Newall, the Cape Town coordinator is friendly and super helpful, so contact them to see how they can help you, help us, to make a difference in Imizamo Yethu.

Volunteer Stories

IKhaya le Themba, Home of Hope! I think the name already shows what a wonderful place this is. But it’s more then that. Of course I could talk, as an adult, about how poor everybody is that lives in Imizamo Yethu, the township where iKhaya le Themba is located. I could talk about HIV, Aids and the many children and parents that are infected with this awful infection and illness. But one look at the children that come to iKhaya le Themba everyday, and you’ll forget, for a moment, about these terrible conditions the kids have to live in. You’ll forget, because you’ll see these children play, study, learn and have fun with so much passion and happiness. This Home of Hope is made possible due to the great people that work and life over there. They bring so much joy, knowledge and strength to the children. But the most important ingredient…Love! And they do such a great job. You guys are wonderful and a great inspiration to the children, their parents and other people. I really had a great time with everybody at iKhaya le Themba. I was happy to share my love and knowledge with the children. But I think they’ve taught me more then I’ve taught them. Even though they are children, they are stronger then most of the adults I know. And they showed me, even though they have a hard life, that children don’t need all the smartphones, computers, tablets and other gadgets. The only real thing they need, and what is the most important, is attention and love. And to give love. And that’s exactly what they get and give, also to each other, at iKhaya le Themba. Home of Hope! – Robin, Germany, 2013

iKhaya le themba is such an inspiring organisation. I have been to several NGO’s and charities that work with children but are disorganised and fail to provide. iKhaya is run by people who really care about the children that are in need. It is well organised, provides a brilliant programme for the kids developing skills that will really benefit them. All staff, from the teachers to the administrators and the chef, love and care for the children as if they were their own which is beautiful to see and is reflected in the children’s behaviour and happiness to be here. The staff make the volunteers feel completely at home and there is always some way to get involved and feel like you are helping – from making 105 peanut butter sandwiches to playing a game of Shark Attack! It is wonderful to hear how much iKhaya has grown from when it started and I know that iKhaya will continue to support their children as they grow towards their hopes and dreams. – Harriet, UK, 2012 

I have been staying here for 2 months now and I enjoyed every day here at iKhaya le themba. I love the atmosphere here. Everybody is so friendly and nice. I felt very welcome here. I also met so many amazing pople and I’m very happy about that. The work with the kids was just incredible. The kids are so lovely with a big heart. I really love all of them. This place is like a paradise. You can see that everyone here does her/his best and everyone are so helpful. I’m very glad that I had the chance to be here and have such a great experience. – Shanis, Germany, 2012

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