How can I volunteer?

Anne giving out Christmas boxes at our annual Christmas Party

Anne giving out Christmas boxes at our annual Christmas Party

At iKhaya Le Themba we realise that no two people have the same amount of time, expertise, skills, or finance so we are trying to be as creative as possible so that all the people who are looking for a place to support us and develop our beautiful South Africa, have a place and a way to do so. Contact us to chat about how you can become a volunteer at iKhaya.

If you have a heart for what we do and would like to get involved, take a look at the list below for some ideas of how you can – some are less time, with the kids, sharing your skills or can be done at home on your computer in just a few hours month, etc. We love creative types so if you can think of other ways to give back then let us know what they are – just pop us an email.

  • Assist in our After-School Care Program (reading, teaching, doing homework, playing games)
  • Assisting or Coordinating a Holiday Club program (runs for 1 week, twice a year – April & June)
  • Help us organise a quarterly outing for our children (find fun and educational places to visit)
  • Help teach computers, in the food gardens, a sport, or some other passion you have
  • Help us keep our website up to date
  • Help us improve our marketing
  • Run a fundraising event for us
  • Help us find an iKhaya Activist for every child and their family under our care
  • Coordinate Christmas boxes for each of our 90 children at the end of every year
  • Coordinate or fund our annual Christmas Party
  • Offer your professional services (Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Remedial Teachers, Dieticians, etc)
  • Use your green fingers to help make our grounds look beautiful

We look forward to having you join our fantastic team of volunteers!

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